Established 1969

Trees and Cabin PaintingThe Big Basin Volunteer Trail Crew (BBVTC) began with the Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Association (SCMT), founded in 1969 under the guidance of Scout Leader Bob Kirsch, Sempervirens member Tony Look and the California State Parks. (The building of the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail that year inaugurated Trail Days in the Santa Cruz Mountains). In the 1970’s Bob Kirsch took on leadership of the SCMT’s Big Basin Work Crews which later became known as the Big Basin Volunteer Trail Crew. Bob retired from BBVTC in 2004  at the ripe old age of 80, and the trail crew work continues under the shared leadership of Jeff Bleam, Mike Peasland and Dell Petersen.

The Big Basin Volunteer Trail Crew makes it possible for others to safely enjoy the beauty of Big Basin State Park.  The BBVTC always needs volunteers dedicated to preserving this environment for present and future generations. Join the BBVTC for a unique perspective of Big Basin, a lively and productive experience with others who share a love of these redwood forests, and the satisfaction of participating in a vital part of the park's ability to educate and inspire the public!

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The Trail Crew meets the second Saturday of each month at 9:00am in front of Big Basin State Park Headquarters, rain or shine. A typical workday lasts until mid afternoon. Participation is flexible, with most trail crew members working an average of six Saturdays a year. Split Douglas FirSince our main focus is maintaining existing trails, we are busiest during the Winter and Spring as we work to keep up with storm damage.

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